There are nearly 700 complaints each year against the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) and most of these are never investigated – 90% of the complaints are decided against the citizens

Community Concerns

Having police officers police themselves through the Office of Professional Accountability presents obvious conflicts of interest. Records show that civilian complaints are almost always resolved in favor of the officer. As the Driving While Black report showed, MNPD conducts a disproportionate number of stops and searches on people of color, black residents in particular. MNPD’s aggressive tactics increase the risk of another fatal shooting, like the killing of Mr. Jocques Clemmons by officer Joshua Lippert on February 10, 2017.

Nashville’s Current Response to Policing Issues

Currently, a significant focus of Metro Nashville government is on the implementation of new equipment as part of their solution to problems with policing, including:

  • The purchase of body armor to provide more protection for police officers

  • The purchase and implementation of body cameras to be worn by police officers to provide real-time information

Other Available Policing/Criminal Justice Strategies

Review Boards: Major cities like Atlanta, Denver, Newark, and others are striving to establish “best practice” review boards.

Jocques Clemmons (L) and MNPD Officer Joshua Lippert (R)

Jocques Clemmons (L) and MNPD Officer Joshua Lippert (R)