Bringing Accountability and Representation


The Community Oversight Board (COB) is an advisory and investigative body that will offer suggestions and recommendations to Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) in cases of police misconduct and in the development of policy.


Accountability Matters

The COB will make police and criminal justice operations more open and transparent and more responsive to community concerns and needs. It will bring greater accountability to Metro at a time in which public trust in institutions has deteriorated due to recent events.


Community Representation

The COB will act as the people’s representative and work as an equal partner with MNPD to address police misconduct and create policy that works for the community.


Fairness & Equity

The COB sends a message that everyone in Nashville should be treated as first-class citizens regardless of where they were born, how much money they make, their political connections, what neighborhood they are a part of, their sexual orientation, or their racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds.